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The number of factors that affect memory in a positive way ishuge, as well as the number of factors that can affect it in a negative way. Asthey age, people begin to notice obvious signs of this process on their body and face, but thefact is that their functioning also suffers some changes. This does not onlyrefer to physical functioning, but to the mental functioning as well. Even though visible traces of age on facemight sound as the worst problem to many, the fact is that it is nothing whencompared to the problems with memory, which are also to be expected. In orderto maintain the functioning of the brain at high level, people should not only sitand wait for the first signs of memory deterioration to appear in order to dosomething about it, but they should begin with some simple steps in time, inorder to prevent the problems with memory and memory loss.

Useful tips on how to improve memory

It is of essential importance never to stop learning, andthis refers to any information that a person finds interesting. It might becomeharder to memorize some things at particular moment in life, but reading andgathering information from various sources will help. Learning a poem from timeto time can also be practiced, but whichever the person chooses, it is importantnot to lose interest and to be persistent.It is believed that the brain and heart of the people whoare more social benefits from this because isolation can only have negativeeffect. Family relationships are also important, but it also helps toparticipate in some organized group, in which some relevant issues are often discussed.Physical activity, particularly regular exercising, affects the circulatory system in a positive way, which further has positive effect on thememory because the brain receives more oxygen.Food influences our memory on the long run, and it is wellknown that the nervous system and thus the brain as well benefits from the foodloaded with antioxidants and vitamins.Learning new things and developing new habits is alsoimportant because in that way, new objectives are achieved, and this requirestriggering new forces.Playing games such as chess, puzzles and all those thatrequire the use of the brain features improves the memory and helps inmaintaining the shape of the memory, no matter how trivial this might sound.

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