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The Changing Illness

Many people, upon the very moment theyfind out that they are suffering from a terminal illness, changecompletely. Even though most of us would think that they get into astate of uncontrollable desperation, this is hardly so. On thecontrary, they begin appreciating life more, perceiving everythingelse as secondary.

These people undergo a delicatetransformation which alters their very perception of life. Theyaccept the illness as a gift which offers a change and a different lookon life. Once a person begins facing the facts regarding his/herillness, the whole plethora of mixed feelings, attitudes, fears andunknown facts start making sense, making these people changecompletely, usually for the better.

The Transformation

A serious illness beckons people totake a different path in life. Namely, their sole point in life stopsto be getting enough money, working and indulging into dailyfrustrations or any other, trivial things from life. A sick personknows the power and importance of health and his/her whole life is,therefore, directed towards healing.

At this point, many people are capableof changing their lifestyles, eating less and eating healthier, doingsports and leading a life relieved of stress. Unfortunately, in manycases, once their symptoms disappear, these people return to theirold selves, eating too much and leading a sedentary life, triggeringthe same health issues all over again.

However, there are also cases wherepeople turn towards their self-bettering completely, learning how tolove and appreciate their family and friends more and how to livelife to the fullest, being healthy and happy all the time, fightingoff whichever illness they might have.

Of course, the change depends solely onthe person willing to make it. You need to feel the urge for thepositive transformation and take all the necessary steps to completeit. Moreover, later, you are not supposed to forget what you werefighting for, even if you become healthy. Remember that prevention isthe best possible cure. So, keep you body healthy and your mindhappy, being satisfied with life and stress-free, avoiding all thethings in life which can make us depressed, anxious or frustrated.

Rather, lead a life full of enjoyment.Give your body and mind the best possible food, providing it with allthe necessary nutrients. Stay active by doing sports, making yourmetabolism better and your heart stronger. Finally, do whatever makesyou feel healthy and satisfied.

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