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Individual in nature

When it comes to the signs that point out to pregnancy, it must be said that they are highly variable and are mostly manifested in a different manner, from one individual to another. Out of this reason, quite a lot of women tend to reevaluate those tale telling signs simply because they do not coincide with those manifestations that may be present in the case of their close relative or friend, for example. Out of this, it can be fairly easily concluded that there will seldom happen, if ever, that two women exhibit exactly the same pregnancy symptoms. Also, it is quite often that some women do not even notice they are pregnant straight away, while the pregnancy itself has gone well into the second trimester. Most obvious reason for this is that the expected physical indicators have not previously begun to appear.

The greatest majority of women regard missing a period as the best possible and initial sign of pregnancy. Yet unless a woman's cycle is accurate like a Swiss watch, in some cases this can turn into a quite tricky matter, for some other forces might be at work, and not the pregnancy itself.

Indicating signs and manifestations

Now, despite all the aforementioned, there do exist certain signs and manifestations that do not only point out to the onset of pregnancy but are also more or less manifesting themselves in the greatest majority of women. They include such as the following:

Swollen breasts – though it is regarded as a possible and quite likely pregnancy indicator, this is however not the case. Namely, certain number of women simply tends to suffer from swollen, i.e. tender breasts while in their menstrual cycle. However, in case swollen breasts are accompanied by several more manifestations, otherwise regarded as quite indicative of pregnancy, then swollen breasts are counted in. Excessive fatigue and tiredness – is one more sturdy indicator of pregnancy. If a woman in question begins to feel bouts of excessive fatigue and sudden tiredness, then this can indicate the onset of the pregnancy itself. A period missed – represents one of the most frequent signs taken to signal the onset of pregnancy, moreover for those women who attempt to get pregnant. Still, not even this sign should be taken for granted, for there exists a number of other mishaps that can cause this to happen. Therefore, the best way for a women who has missed her period to determine if she is or is not pregnant, is to take a pregnancy test or visit her gynecologist.

Other prominent indicating signs also include morning sickness, cravings, all too frequent urination etc.

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