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Up to now, it isn’t determined what causes Attention Deficit Disorder (hyperactivity) in children. It is logical to think that it’s caused by psychological reasons, built research shows that this disorder has physical nature. Hyperactivity in children is a result of chemical changes in brain which happened in time before birth. Generally, this disorder occurs more at boys than girls also from unknown causes. Numerous studies have shown that combining use of certain medicinal plants, changes in diet and family counseling can get to improve the mental condition of the child. Usually the alleviation of symptoms of hyperactivity is caused by reduced use of sweets, milk, canned and artificially colored foods.

One of the symptoms of this disease is striking vivacity of the child which may not be so bad. But, a child may be very irritable, aggressive and often absent for no particular reason. In these cases, parents are usually reluctant to ask for help, while educators and teachers unsuccessfully try to force these children to focus. If take them to a specialist, he in pattern prescribe Methylphenidate, which can have long-term consequences for the child, including the state of dizziness, lethargy, loss of appetite and weight, insomnia, and cardiac arrhythmias.

Herbal treatment of hyperactive children is much more popular in Europe than in North America. In Germany valerian treatment of children with Attention Deficit Disorder uses for decades. On the basis of one study, after taking valerian for a few weeks, children improved the response, learning, and muscle coordination. They were less restless, depressed, aggressive and scared. 25% of these children are fully recovered. Because valerian has a very unpleasant taste it is used as a tincture. Beside Valerian, use of catnip (similar composition with Valerian) is widely spread for the treatment of hyperactivity. In France, from ancient times uses lime blossom tea for mollification children. In addition, Linden can be of great help in the treatment Hyperactivity and it usually appears as a French or English tea in health food stores. One children's hospital in London came to a realization that evening primrose oil may relieve symptoms of hyperactivity. Children who consumed the evening primrose oil are more peacefully slept and were less anxious. Usually, the evening primrose oil is used to overcome PMS symptoms, or even a problem with drinking. Moreover, hyperactive children can develop these problems in their lives. There is a belief that this relationship is caused by excessive prostaglandin production in the body, whose growth is limited by using evening primrose oil.

In addition to herbs, the treatment of hyperactivity should include changes in child nutrition. It is proven that children begin to act more normal by ejection of sugar and caffeine from their diet and including various supplements (vitamins B and C and magnesium).

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