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Hypnotic Scripts

Unless you are an author of a Hypnosis Induction scripts, you will have a lot of problems with delivering the scripts. In order to overcome this problem, we have bolded the words, or wrote them in italics, which are more important and all of this is available in the People Building Free Hypnosis Induction script. One study conducted in the UK revealed that people think that voice is more important than actual words during a conversation between two persons. So, emphasized words will have greater meaning and importance. During a communication, physiology is the key element, but with hypnosis we have a person who we need to get in the state of trance and he or she is with eyes closed. This is when the words and the voice are important and the body loses its meaning and relevance. Person will not be able to see your body and this is why voice is more important in this situation.Examples

Next we will list a few examples of this theory. So, if we emphasize word should in a sentence "You should do your homework" this would imply that there is a choice and so the homework can be done or not. “You should” would mean that a person can do it, but there is a choice here because a person can also choose not to do it. In the next example, we have emphasized the word you in a sentence "You should do your homework". This would imply responsibility to do homework. The listener hears that it is his responsibility to do the homework and that he should do it, although he may have been waiting for someone else to do it. The last example is a sentence "You should do your homework" with the emphasized words “do your homework”. In this sentence we have should, which denotes choice but here is emphasized ''do your homework'' and we have some sort of embedded command. In this way we can tell them what they should do.

These are some of the patterns appearing in the hypnotic scripts. We have to make some words embedded and we can do this by highlighting them in the text. But these words may be overlooked by some readers and this is why we recommend the scripts to be read several times. This will significantly eliminate the possibility of skipping some of the embedded commands. Also, you can underline this word in order to alter the tone of your voice when you get to this part. During the hypnosis, embedded commands may be a great tool to achieve your goal. By practicing this, you will be able to present a command to your patient without him or her even noticing it.

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