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If you are experiencing hemorrhoids in pregnancy, you are not the only one. In fact, hemorrhoids are a condition that pops up quite often in pregnancy, as the uterus grows to accommodate the growing baby, and starts putting other organs under increased pressure. But, while hemorrhoids are certainly an annoyance to anyone who is subjected to them, there are a lot of treatments that can resolve them relatively easily. These are treatments that any woman can apply in the comfort of her own home. Hopefully, one of these methods will soon send your hemorrhoids packing.

Constipation make hemorrhoids worse, and the first way of dealing with this nasty condition is eating a diet that prevents them from ever striking in the first place. Foods that are rich in fibers are excellent for preventing constipation, and with that hopefully hemorrhoids. Proper hydration is essential during pregnancy for many reasons, and keeping bowel movements normal and healthy is one of them. When you already have hemorrhoids, staying active and walking as much as possible speeds up the time in which they will heal, and can also bring relief from the pain that is caused by sitting on hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are itching and painful, applying a little bit of baking soda onto the affected spots can work wonders. That's right this common cake ingredient can do so much more than making your cakes rise! Among many other useful purposes, baking soda is great for treating hemorrhoids.

If those simple steps are not working for you, and you are still suffering from hemorrhoids, especially in the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy, then more medical solutions can help you out. There are quite a few over the counter remedies for hemorrhoids. Most are safe to use in pregnancy, but checking with your doctor is always advisable. Some women swear by using medication pads for hemorrhoids, which are harmless for pregnant women and can certainly cure hemorrhoids. A more natural treatment for hemorrhoids in pregnancy is witch hazel. If you have never heard of this, witch hazel is used in many facial creams for clear skin. You can buy it at most pharmacies, and putting a small amount onto a cloth, and then patting the area which is covered in hemorrhoids should make the swelling go down very soon.

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