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One thing that is extremely frequent when it comes to kids, besides the issue with the worms and the infections they cause, is infection by their relatives, so-called tummy bugs, or in medical terms gastroenteritis. Just like in most infections, at the root of this condition lies a villain in the form of a virus. It is transmitted by way of dribs and it can also be exhaled and ejected through our nose or mouth, but it can also use hands as a transportation vehicle. Its other most usual and favorite places of residence include all points where children play in larger groups, such as the kindergarten or the playground.

For its successful treatment and most of all evasion, it is essential to be familiarized as much as possible with the causes, symptoms and most effective treatment methods, so you could protect your child in the best possible way. Having symptoms and manifestations in mind, most frequently occurring are diarrhea and vomiting, but quite often these two are followed by an increasingly high body temperature and tummy ache. Though this may sound alarming, the fact is that the greatest number of infected children manages to pull a quick recovery and is back to their old self only twenty-four hours after the infection onset.


As far as the treatment is concerned, as well as relieving your child’s symptoms, it is very important to be on the watch non-stop, and, whenever your child goes through a series of diarrhea or vomiting, you be there to make up for the lost fluids by giving your child the needed glass of water or some other fluid. The most proper moment for doing this is the moment your child has finished with those tormenting moments. Also, the best solution for this problem is to give your child an oral rehydration solution. In case your child does not take to it instantly, because of its flavor for example, the next best thing would be lemonade. When this period ends, you can give your child food, but stick to dry food such as toast with some marmalade. However, if all of the above-mentioned symptoms refuse to go away even after the twenty-four hour mark, and your child starts feeling strange and drowsy, then you should visit your general practitioner as soon as possible. Important to know is that even if your child isn’t little any more, and has reached 6-7 years, it is nevertheless possible to come down with this condition.

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