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Information on Bee Stings

All children enjoy playing outdoors. It provides them with exercises and numerous different educational benefits. Included in the learning experience is a bee sting, in most cases. There are certain things that can be done when a child gets stung by a bee in order to prevent further complications from occurring.


The stinger needs to be located and removed as soon as possible. It must not be pulled out because by doing so the venom gets even deeper into the skin. It should be scraped off in a gentle manner by using a credit card or a fingernail.

The affected area needs to be washed and some steroid cream needs to be applied to it. Alternatives to steroid cream can be Benzocaine and baking soda. Meat tenderizer can also be applied topically to the affected area every few hours. If a child experiences significant discomfort the professional healthcare provider needs to be consulted.

If the professional healthcare provider approves of it, antihistamines and pain relievers can be used to soothe the condition and relieve the symptoms. Sometimes an allergic reaction can occur after the sting. Allergic reactions can be recognized by significant swelling, fainting, abnormal breathing, dizziness and hives. If a child experiences any of these symptoms one should seek immediate medical attention.

Reassuring and calming the child after the accident can be of great help. The affected area needs to be checked periodically because in some cases certain types of infections may occur.

Certain high tech products can be used for the removal of venom after bee stings. These products suck out the venom liquid from the affected area by utilizing vacuum. Sometimes a bee sting requires immediate medical condition if certain symptoms occur. These include severe swelling, severe pain, difficulty breathing, vomiting, tightness in the chest, nausea, dizziness, and hives. The affected area also needs to be cold.

Preventive Care

There are certain measures of precaution that can be taken in order to avoid being stung by a bee. One of them includes pretending to be a statue. Bees only attack when they feel they are in danger so they should not sting an object that does not move. Dressing in light colors may also be of great help, because bees are easily attracted by bright colors and flashy patterns which may remind them of flowers. Perfumes that smell sweet should be avoided. Sometimes insect repellants can be helpful as well.

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