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Nervous Stomach Anxiety is a condition that is very common among people in modern times.

Anxiety is a psychological and emotional disbalance. It is a consequence of life under constant stress. It is a state when a person cannot sleep or feel constantly tired and stressed out since he or she is thinking about all the things that can go wrong in their life. You do not need a concrete situation that will cause anxiety. You can just wake up one day and feel worried, sad and overwhelmed by negative thoughts for no obvious reason.

In cases of severe anxiety a person can feel trembling, chest pain and difficulty with breathing, headaches, etc. Among typical physical symptoms of anxiety is nervous stomach.

Since third chakra or plexus solaris is closely connected with emotions of anxiety it reacts when you are under stress. This reaction of your stomach can be described as nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc.

If a person is under extreme stress a brain sends signals to the body to change blood flow and to send blood away from stomach and into the muscles. The reason for this is to supply muscles with oxygen in case they need to fight or run away. All nutritives from food are absorbed in order to help muscles and thus the digestion in stomach does not work properly.

The first symptom that can be felt in cases of nervous stomach anxiety is fluttery feeling. It resembles so called butterflies when you are in loved with someone. Another unpleasant feeling is churning in stomach. Your pulse can be faster too. You can have jumpy feeling and feeling of fear in the stomach. At the end you will get cramps. The last reaction will be nausea and diarrhea.

Throughout of day a person suffering from nervous stomach anxiety will feel uneasiness in the stomach which will for sure stop them from doing anything they planned to do.

Prevention is the best cure for all illnesses and so is for nervous stomach anxiety. You need to start changing your negative thinking patterns and start thinking in a more positive way. Deep breathing, yoga, mediation, light walking through the park will all be helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety. Relax your mind and body as often as possible. Try reading books that have positive affirmations that can help you eliminate fearful thoughts and establish optimistic approach to life.

Drinking teas such as chamomile tea can soothe your irritated bowels.

Aromatherapy can also help. Patchouli, lavender and so on are all herbs that have calming properties.

Regular anti stress massages can be beneficial.

If, though, you constantly experience nervous stomach anxiety symptoms the safest is to talk to your physician who will offer you different treating options.

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