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Before the startof pinched nerve treatment, a doctor should make sure that the diagnosis is correct.

A nerve is put under an exceptional amount of tension and strain because of variousdeformations of its position. This can occur in various ways, like accidents, for example.

The definition of a "pinched nerve" is state of rigorous pain with mostly a common location on the back, shoulders and neck, around the spinal cord. The patientcan describe feelings like "pins and needles," numbness and aches, commonly localized around the limbs.

One must always bear in mind that thisstate can be caused by something more serious than pinching a nerve, like twistedmuscles or even some deeper fundamental situation. Because of that, the generaladvise is to seek medical help as soon as the situation arises and not to tryto diagnose it without a doctor.

The symptom that is being cured first is pain,and in order to relieve it, the doctor can give the patient painkillers and anti-inflammatorymedicines which are often more than enough to bring benefit in the long runand to improve one’s condition significantly. The other solution is the administration ofheat to the hurt parts, there is a modification of this method which implicates theuse of a cold compress followed with warmness.

If the above mentioned modes do not help, variousmethods of traditional and alternative medicines can be tried, such as meditation,acupuncture, hypnosis, solar therapy and aromatherapy. There are numerous polemicsabout the results of these, as they are not officially recognized, so one can decide to use them on the basis of recommendations from doctors.

In the treatment, removing pain does not cure the cause. In many cases, a pinched nerve curesitself and symptoms can disappear without consequence. This is the reason why manydoctors do not take action until the condition of the patient is very bad andstrong pains are present.

The first step is the usage of back and necksupports, combined with hot and cold therapy, while strong painkillers and eveninjections can be include in the process as well. Physiotherapy is the next logicalmove if the state is more severe, the last one being surgery, which is saved formost drastic situations and it is very rarely performed.

In this treatment, onecan employ complementary medicine but only in agreement with the physician whowill observe the patient during that process.

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