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Almost every parent in the world is concerned when his or her child suffers from problems of acid reflux. The acid reflux that occurs in babies and toddlers is not different from the acid reflux that occurs in grown-ups. This condition is also known as GERD or gastroesphageal reflux disease. Unlike with the adults, this condition occurs in toddlers and babies due to the fact that their digestive system is not fully developed. Parents need to know that it is highly important for them to notice the symptoms of acid reflux in their children as early as possible in order to treat them properly. It is always better to treat a condition in its earliest stages.

Symptoms of acid reflux in toddlers

First of all, parents need to know that there are lots of symptoms of acid reflux. One of the most common and obvious symptom of acid reflux in toddlers is vomiting frequently after having a meal. As soon as the parents notice this, they should contact their doctor. It is essential not to neglect this symptom. Heartburn and chest pain are also pretty common symptoms as well. A parent may suspect of these symptoms if the baby is restless and uncomfortable. Frequent crying is a baby’s way of pointing to these symptoms. A parent should also tell the doctor if the baby is having problems sleeping. Constant coughing, runny nose, hiccups and pneumonia and asthma are also some of the symptoms of acid reflux in babies. In some cases even loss of weight is a symptom.

Diagnosis of acid reflux in babies

The doctor will look at the entire health of the toddler and perform a physical exam and look at the symptoms before making a diagnosis. A doctor will most likely perform pathological tests, upper endoscopy and X-rays in order to diagnose the condition properly. Apart from these, it is not uncommon for the blood and urine tests to be performed.

Treatment of acid reflux in babies

A lot of parents do not know what they can do in order to treat acid reflux in their children. According to the doctors, they should use acid blocker, acid suppressors and antacids in order to treat acid reflux effectively and easily. In some cases the doctor will prescribe certain oral antibiotics. Parents need to avoid giving foods like caffeine and chocolates until the condition has been treated because these foods are known to make the condition worse.

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