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Although the general public may not be aware of it, shock isa highly dangerous and possibly life-threatening state that occurs after atraumatic event. Therefore, when dealing with a person who has gone intopotential shock, is imperative to seek medical attention as soon aspossible. A person in shock may experience agitation and aggravation,disorientation and bewilderment. They may also be drenched in cold sweat, pale,and having trouble taking a proper breath.

An important thing to know is that one should not rely ononeself to make sure that a shocked victim is out of the woods. It is best totake precautions and call for a trained professional. Both the police and thefire department are well-equipped to deal with this type of problem.

While waiting for professionals, it is helpful to tryand lay the victim down on their back because in their confusion state could leadthem into greater trouble, especially if there is an accident scene aroundthem. Not only that, but they could also be experiencing some internal bleedingor difficulties which they are not aware of, and moving around would make itthat much worse.

The next step would be to try and help the victim regainbody heat. Feeling the warmth may have a somewhat soothing effect on theperson, not to mention that an inadequate level of body heat could be veryharmful by itself.

Another thing to try in order to calm the shock victim downis a relaxing, light conversation. Making sure not to mention the events thatled up to the state of shock, having a positive attitude and not showing signsof distress might not be helpful for everyone, but it is definitely somethingthat could avoid making matters worse.

A seemingly peculiar method in trying to help someone in shockis to raise their feet above their head. However, this position will relieve thepossible nausea and improve circulation.

Finally, in such bsituations like that, the victim should keep anempty stomach in case they need any kind of surgery and also because eating ordrinking could cause them physical discomfort.

As for the one assisting the shock victim, the best way tomake them understand how they should behave is to think about those situationslike emergency procedures in airplanes. The essential thing is to do is to make sure notto put oneself in any kind of risk, and only then should one try and help thevictim.

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