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Sometimes when a person is feeling light-headed, he or sheruns the risk of fainting. When someone faints, it means that they pass outmomentarily.

This is not the same as being unconscious, it is a temporarycondition and the person can be revived in a few short minutes.

However, someone who is unconscious will not respond toattempts of being revived.

Being unconscious is a lot more dangerous, because whensomeone losses consciousness, he or she cannot cough or clear the throat, whichis especially dangerous if something is stuck in the throat.

Fainting usually occurs when there is not enough blood flowgetting to the brain temporarily.

There are many causes of fainting, some of them beingstress, overheating, dehydration, exhaustion, or illness.

It can also result from taking medications. Sometimes, ifpeople are perhaps at a summer music festival, they can pass out from standingin one position too long in the sun. This is because blood settles in the lowerpart of the body when someone is not moving.

Usually, a person will recover quickly and there will be nolasting consequences, but sometimes, it can be a signal of a more seriousillness or medical emergency.

When someone is light-headed, it is important to sit, liedown or put one’s head between the legs, which will usually help to restore theadequate blood flow to the brain.

If the loss of consciousness lasts for more than twominutes, it can be serious, however. Often it is the sign of a medical problem,such as a seizure, a hard hit to the head, concussion, heart attack, epilepsyor something else entirely.

If a person is feeling light-headed because of the heat,it is important to get to a cooler place, lie down and elevate the legs eightto 12 inches. Water or a sports drink should be consumed, along with a teaspoonof salt if possible when they are revived.

Fresh air is needed too. It is also important to see if theperson is breathing by listening to air moving from the nose and mouth. If theperson is not breathing, emergency medical help must be called immediately.

If the person vomits, roll them onto their sides in order toprevent them from choking.

It is important not to panic. Do not slap them, shake themor throw water on their faces.

Do not try to move them or make them sit or stand up andmake sure not to leave them unattended.

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