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Overview of painful gum

The painful gum is one of the most common problems of the dental health and the health of the mouth. The triggers of it are numerous, since it can be associated with a mechanical injury (when washing the teeth with a rather hard brush or when eating something with the sharp edges, for example) or it can as well be the consequence of some inflammatory processes in the mouth, such as of the gum itself (called gingivitis), or of the supporting structure of a tooth and especially of the supporting membrane (which is medically called periodontitis).

Also, the painful gum is usually accompanied with the irritation and the increased sensitivity to touch, but it can be also followed by the halitosis, and the apparition of swelling and redness.

The infections

So, the inflammation is most commonly triggered by the reaction of the organism to the entrance of bacteria, viruses or fungi, but the infections caused by bacteria are the most frequent. Unlike the mechanical injury which is often solved by gum regenerating itself, the injury which happens as the complication of an infection, must be treated. For example, in the case of the gum inflammation, besides the inevitable bleeding, there is also the problem of settling the bacteria in the pockets around the root of the teeth, which leads to more stubborn problem of the more serious bacterial outbreak. Also, in the case of periodontitis, the infection attacks the bone of the tooth and leads to the permanent damage to it, and in the advanced and untreated cases, the tooth may fall out.

However, the pain in the gum can be felt also in the case of the teeth which are blocked on their way out from some reason, and that problem is medically called the impacted tooth. The wisdom teeth most commonly tend to grow into the flesh, causing the swelling, inflammation and the pain of the gum. Besides that, another problem of abscess which is always accompanied with certain amount of pus, is very usual cause of the painful gum.

So, the problem of the pain in the gum must be solved right away, in order to avoid the mentioned complications, but, it is also very important to know the provoker of it. Sometimes the lack of certain vitamin is the cause of the unhealthy gum, and the simply increased intake of it will solve the problem. In the other, more severe cases, the underlying inflammation must be treated directly.

The irrigation with the solution of water and salt, or holding the ice, the oil extracted from the tea tree (or clove) or the paste of the baking soda and water on the affected area, are very helpful homemade treatments. In fact, they are to be applied before deciding to use the prescribed artificial medications which suppress the inflammatory processes.

Of course, besides the mentioned treatment, it is necessary to wash, floss and brush the teeth properly and regularly, and to stay away from cigarettes.

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