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Calf muscle tightness

Calf muscle tightness is an inconvenience that many people face, but mostly runners. The calf has two big muscle groups, gastrocnemius and soleus. You usually strain one of these muscle groups. Running sometimes helps to ease the tightness, but it tightens again later that day, or it can make the situation even worse, and pain, tenderness and swelling are involved.

Calf Muscle Tightness Causes

Spasms are triggered by minor tears in the muscles, which mean that blood supply that is supposed to get to these parts gets affected and thus muscles get weak because they do not receive enough nutrients. As a result, the muscle tightens so to protect itself. Also, bad stretching and lousy flexibility cause calf muscle tightness. If you suffer bio- mechanical problem in your running style or have too big of a leg muscle, except a lot of muscle tightness. And if you are not involved in any sporting activity, your muscles will tighten when you do start running. Moving on ice and snow or, even, wearing high heels does not go by without calf muscle tightness.

Calf Muscle Tightness Cure

If you are a sportsman, simply go and talk to your injury specialist. He will discover the cause of your tightness and will, most likely, recommend some a sort of massage that eases the cramps. And it is up to the seriousness of the tightness that will determine how many times this massage will be repeated. Also, surgery is the option if the problem is more frequent than it is normal. If you are not an athlete, then you should put ice on the most painful parts a couple times per day and rest your leg as often as you can. If the pain doesn't go away in two days, see the doctor. When it goes away, you must do stretching exercises in order to make the strength and flexibility of your calf muscles better. Of course, if stretching gives you pain then wait a little longer, because your muscles haven't healed yet.

You must treat muscle tightness as soon as it occurs, because if you don't, it can lead to ankle injuries and various problems with your feet, even hip and lower back problems if you neglect it for too long. Prevent all this by simply not over stretching the calf muscles in any of your activities and add regular calf exercises in your, if not daily, weekly routine.

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