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Pulled calf muscle usually occurs due to sudden movements in some sports activities or jogging. Pulled muscle generally does not produce major problems, mainly manifesting as a discomfort in the calf for a while. However, if the stretched muscle is not treated then it can lead to worsening of symptoms. To return muscle in wholly-function and to prevent its swelling it is necessary to follow the instructions.

At first it is necessary to bend the leg from foot to the pulled muscle. The bandage should adhere to the leg but it shouldn’t be too tight. In this way the swelling can be prevented or even reduced.

Then, it is necessary to spare the injured calf. This means that in 24-48 hours after pulling, the muscle should be completely unloaded, which involves the use of crutches when walking. After two days, the crutches are ejected from use but still needs to avoid demanding physical activity. The rest period should last at least a week.

The third thing to do is keeping the leg elevated while lying. While sitting leg should be stretched out. The described procedure conducts during two days after the injury. After the expiration of 48 hours, this procedure should be executed at least one hour per day over the next week.

Next thing to do is leaning ice on the injured calf. Cloth or towel should be put over the calf and then ice pack should lean over it which requires holding for 15-20 minutes.

Then, if the pain caused by pulled muscle is too strong and unbearable, taking anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen is recommended. In addition to pain this remedy may help to reduce swelling.

Finally, a few days after injury it is necessary to apply stretching exercises. Sooner or later must start doing them, depending on the intensity of injury and pain. Stretching is done by a person sitting down with legs outstretched, trying to reach for the toes. In this position should remain about ten seconds. This exercise should be repeated 4-5 times three times a day.

It should be patient in implementing the above steps because the pulled calf can take weeks. As long as person feels the slightest pain or discomfort he/she should not burden muscles with excessive physical activity. If the pain intensifies and the swelling becomes more and more then it is necessary to visit the doctor because it is possible that more severe injury is about.

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