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Just like most of conditions and skin diseases, blisters can be extremely unpleasant and if not treated properly and in time, they can cause a lot of pain. In order to ward off this awkward condition, follow these steps and make sure you do not skip on any of them, for they present the fastest and surest way out of this skin-fuss.

Treatment Measures

Friction Reduction – to accomplish this, there are just plenty of ways to choose from. One of them is to use certain aid in a form of a covering, which will shield the skin from friction. Most frequently used are second-skin bandages, athletic tape, duct tape, and Vaseline, to name but a few. In order to get this shield off later, the best way is by applying baby oil to the area of skin in question.Dry Feet at All Times – when wearing footwear that is more or less open, then this is not really that much of a problem. When wearing different footwear, which makes it rather difficult for your feet to breathe, and when the footwear in question is the one that caused blisters in the first place, then you should consider other footwear as an option. The best way is to remain bare foot until the blister goes away, and wear slippers, sandals or something similar. Even if you are not that keen on this type of footwear, do it for your feet.Sodium – for the majority of us, this presents a fairly unproblematic issue. On the other hand, for those people who are distance runners, and especially for those living in hot climate areas, this can prove to be a fairly difficult task to manage and a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Once the levels of sodium start to decrease, the body’s response is to adjust the functioning of the kidneys, resulting in fluid accumulation in person’s hands and feet, which causes unpleasant feeling if wearing tighter shoes or snickers. This is where sodium steps in, providing the best way to reestablish the lost balance.Hydration is a MUST! Fluids, and water especially, are most vital when it comes to holding the skin turgor pressure high. Without this, the skin is not able to keep its firmness and is most likely to fold in by itself, and do so in the form of wrinkles that are one of the culprits for the appearance of friction blisters. Also, when a person finds him/herself in a more hot climate, water is the main thing that is responsible for looking after the regularity of the body temperature, thus limiting blood flow to the extremities, keeping them cool and warding off the unnecessary swelling.

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