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Every person has either heard of nosebleed or has suffered from it at least once in his or her life. For some people this problem can be frightening and for some it is quite dramatic. However, most people do not think that it is a big problem. The main reason why that is so is because most cases of nose bleed are not serious and a person can treat the problem at home, using some simple remedies. However, in some cases there is need for medical assistance. People should also know that nosebleeds can be either anterior or posterior.


Out of all nosebleed cases, 90% of them are anterior. This means that the bleeding originates from the front of the nose and in most cases from the blood vessels on the nasal septum. A person who experiences anterior nosebleed need not worry too much since these nosebleeds are easily treatable. On the other hand, posterior nosebleeds are not that common and it is mainly the elderly people who suffer from this type of nosebleed. In most cases of posterior nosebleed it is from the artery at the back of the nose that the bleeding originates from. In case of a posterior nosebleed people need to know that they are much more complicated to treat and they require medical help.

According to the data, every seventh person develops a nosebleed at least once in his or her life. These health problems are much more common during the cold months.

Nosebleed causes

In most cases it is not easy to identify the cause of nosebleed. Out of all the causes, trauma to the nose is the most common one. Picking the nose is also known to cause the bleeding. Apart from these two, some of the other causes are exposure to warm or dry air for a long time, nasal or sinus infections, allergic rhinitis, nasal foreign body, vigorous nose blowing and nasal surgery.

Nosebleed prevention

Since most nosebleeds happen during the cold winter months, a person should probably use a humidifier at home. In order to prevent the nasal passage from becoming dry, people should use antibiotic ointment or a saline nasal spray. A good way to prevent nosebleeds is to avoid picking the nose or blowing it too hard. It is not that common but nosebleed can be associated to an underlying medical condition and in that case a person will need to treat the underlying cause in order to stop the bleeding.

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