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Pubic hair shaving used to be a common practice on maternity wards. Nurses would shave woman after woman with the same blunt razor before sending her on, a practice that still continues in many developing countries today. Those pregnant women who live in developed Western countries aren't likely to encounter forced pubic hair shaving in the hospital, but they may still prefer to be clean and clear "down there" during their pregnancies and for the birth.

Pubic hair shaving or trimming during pregnancy is purely a matter of personal preference and hygiene just like it is for any man or woman who is not expecting a baby. Women shouldn't, therefore, feel pushed into shaving for medical reasons. Having intact pubic hair does not interfere with a cesarean section incision, cutting an episiotomy, or receiving stitches after being cut or having torn. Those pregnant women who do live in a country where pubic hair shaving is still common would, on the other hand, have a convincing medical reason to shave themselves. Those "public razors" pose risks, and the danger of being infected with HIV and other diseases is real.

The question is, how does one shave the pubic area with a huge baby bump and while suffering pregnancy signs and complaints? As a mother who has gone through pregnancy twice, I know that it can be a huge challenge to see the pubic area, not to mention trimming it. Once you get to 20 weeks or so, it may be hard to tie your shoelaces, and the parts you want to shave will definitely be out of sight.

Shaving with the help of a mirror is asking for trouble. You may think you can see everything, but is that really true? Making a mistake can have scary results razor bumps would seem like a nice surprise compared to accidentally cutting into your labia! Increased blood volume during pregnancy may also mean a higher chance of cutting into those delicate areas and drawing blood especially when it comes to the perineum. And, shaving yourself without actually seeing a thing at all is obviously risky business!

Asking your partner to shave your pubic area for you is probably the safest option for those who want to rid themselves of their hairs. Bikini waxing is another wonderful alternative. Although it can hurt, waxing leaves the area clean for much longer than shaving does, and there is less risk of ingrowing pubic hairs or razor bumps afterward.

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