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Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition caused by the lackof insulin in the body or the inability of the tissue to properly respond toinsulin. There are the two types of this condition, type 1 and type 2, but there isanother type of diabetes, known as the gestational insulin, present in somepregnant women.

It is a widely spread disease, causing the people to havehigh levels of blood sugar. This condition might seriously affect a person’shealth, and leading to the number of medical problems, including heart, nerveand eye problems.

This condition can’t be reversed, but the patients sufferingfrom the insulin resistance (diabetes mellitus type 2) might control themedical situation to some point. These patients’ bodies produce enough insulin,but for some reason their body can’t use it and the cells in the body don’t’respond to the insulin. As the result, they experience high levels of blood sugarand all the problems that come with diabetes.

The treatment for diabetes type 2 is usually insulin and/orsome anti-diabetic medications.

Natural Ways to Control Diabetes

If the condition gets caught in the early stages, properdieting and lifestyle changes might be enough to control the blood sugar.

Most specialists agree that the diabetic patients will do wellwith a vegetarian diet. The diet for the diabetics should be rich in plantfibers. All animal products, high in fat and proteins should be avoided at allcost. These patients should always avoid the food with plenty of carbohydrates,including white bread, sugar, sweetened drinks and bananas. Carbohydrates arenot good for these patients, and they must try to avoid them.

Avoid fast food, caffeine, alcohol, smoking and stress inyour life, if possible.

Diabetic patients often have problems with their weight. Beingoverweight is actually one of the risk factors for developing this condition. Thesepatients should try to maintain a healthy weight, because it may slow the progressof the diabetes.

Physical exercise must be a daily routine for diabetics, aswell as the maintenance of optimal blood pressure and normal blood cholesterol.

The healthy lifestyle will minimize the symptoms andpotential risks of diabetes.

There are some natural medications, believed to bebeneficial for diabetic patients. Always consult your doctor before you startsuch a therapy.

Prescribed medications for diabetes should be used exactlyas they were prescribed. Do not skip the medications nor stop the treatmentbefore you consulted your doctor.

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