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The Blood Pressure Issue

If you are suffering from bloodpressure, you probably know how demanding this health problem is.Namely, once you are diagnosed with hypertension you need to find adrug which can help you reduce your problems. Usually, people opt formedications once they have tried other means of controlling bloodpressure without avail. Both diet and a change in lifestyle, byintroducing exercise, may help with this health problem. However, ifthese fail, you might need to choose proper medications.

Since this is quite a troublesomeprocess and there are many possible choices and combinations, when itcomes to possible drugs you can use, the following lines will try topresent you with the most common ones. Through gaining knowledgeabout this issue, you may find it easier to choose themedications necessary for lowering your blood pressure.

Hypertension Medications

The first type of drugs you may takeinto consideration are diuretics. Basically, these take out all theextra water from your blood. Sometimes, however, depending on thedrug, these take out the salt as well, lowering its levels for thesake of controlling your blood pressure. Many diuretics have aside-effect which manifests through lowering your potassium levels.This can be bad for your health since it makes you tired, weak and prone to leg cramps. Therefore, with many of these drugs, youmight need potassium supplements. Also, these can cause raised bloodsugar levels, so diabetics should be careful with them.

Next are ACE inhibitors. Thesemedications expand the blood vessels, thus providing more space forthe blood to flow, reducing its pressure. Except occasionaldizziness, these drugs have no other reported side-effects and arecompletely safe for usage.

Alternatively, one can use betablockers, which decrease your heart rate, making it beat slower,lowering the blood pressure this way. However, these can causeinsomnia, fatigue, depression, cold hands and feet, impotence, asthmaand many other health problems.

Finally, you may opt for calciumblockers which, by preventing calcium from entering your blood andheart, lower your blood pressure. These are very popular and widelyused. Thus, these are available in many different brands, the mostpopular being Norvasc.

Also, combinations of two or more ofthese drug types are possible, making your blood treatment moreeffective. However, many different drugs cause a medical dilemma,because it takes long for your doctor to find the adequatecombination which works well for your organism specifically.

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