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Causes of Hypotension

Blood pressure lower than 100/60 mmHg measured several times is considered as decreased blood pressure (hypotension). For permanently lowered blood pressure or primary hypotension there is no specific cause, while secondary hypotension occurs as a consequence of some diseases. Secondary hypotension may be the result of bleeding, infection, dehydration, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, burns, use of drugs for lowering blood pressure and diuretics.


Malaise, pallor, lack of energy, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, weakness and poor memory are the symptoms of low blood pressure. These people feel sleepy in the morning, and they need stimuli in the form of coffee for wakening.

Low blood pressure without symptoms manifestation is not health threatening. The body adapts to the low blood pressure, so for some people 90/50 mmHg is normal blood pressure, while for others, who usually suffer from increased blood pressure, when the blood pressure falls to 100/60 mmHg it causes weakness, vertigo, dizziness, lower energy-symptoms, etc. Sudden standing up from lying or sitting position can cause dizziness. So, it is advised to gradually get up in order for blood pressure to be adjusted.

If there is not enough blood in the heart arteries, this may result in the appearance of chest pain and even heart attack.

If the kidneys are not sufficiently supplied with blood, toxins are not ejected from the body in a sufficient extent causing their accumulation.

Low blood pressure in the worst case may cause the development of shock a life-threatening condition when vital organs are left without enough blood and cannot perform their function.

Natural Treatment

It is necessary to increase the intake of fluids and salts because water binds salts in the body, increasing the volume of circulating blood.

Caffeine, guarana and other stimulants increase blood pressure, but in higher doses can cause rapid heartbeat.

There are no specific medicines for low blood pressure but as an alternative Ginseng (Guarana) can be consumed. Siberian Ginseng is advised for young people as a milder option. Korean or Chinese ginseng is stronger and recommended for the elderly, whose body is very exhausted because of low blood pressure.

Ginger increases blood pressure by stimulating circulation. It can be used as a spice.

In anemia, symptoms similar to the reduced blood pressure (dizziness, paleness, weakness) may appear. The use of nettle tea and intake of beetroot and blackberry wine increase iron in blood and thus can eliminate the mentioned symptoms.

White mistletoe tea is also very helpful. It increases low blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure, so it is used to properly regulate blood pressure.


Low blood pressure is not a problem for the health if there are no symptoms such as lack of energy, dizziness and apathy. Entering a sufficient amount of liquid provides adequate volume of circulating blood and prevents lowering of the blood pressure.

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