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Lung Capacity and Health

The lungs are one of the most important organs in the body that operate constantly, along with the heart. Weak lung capacity is a major medical concern that can negatively affect both health and lifespan, and this is often only perceived once lung problems are diagnosed. By enlarging the lung capacity it is possible to strengthen your health drastically before any negative symptoms occur. While this process is comparatively easy to achieve, a certain degree of determination is required. Following are suggestions on enhancing lung capacity, which can expand not only the lung capacity, but overall physical fitness as well.

Increasing Lung Capacity Exercises

Tiring activities like walking, running, swimming and others such as singing or playing wind instruments all can benefit from a strong, expanded lung capacity. Having weakened lungs and other lung diseases is a frequently normal occurrence for people over the age of 50, but should not be common in people under 50, and should therefore be prevented.

High lung capacity is required for any exercise such as running and jogging, and proper lung workout can help achieve this goal. The first step includes breathing exercises, performed in a regulated manner. The exercise involves taking a maximum volume of air when breathing in, and exhaling within a few seconds. This workout can be performed in any location and is easy to accomplish. After exhaling fully, it is suggested to inhale for two counts and then exhale for another two counts. This ratio should be constantly maintained for about 5 to 10 minutes.

The length and hardness of running exercises can be increased in degrees, day by day, with checkups for improved capacity. Aerobics and cardio classes in fitness center should be considered, as cardiovascular activity improves lung capacity. Exercise at higher altitudes is also beneficial, for example in the vicinities of mountains and hills.

It is also suggested to practice yoga exercises daily, with the deep breathing salvos, because they help breathing maintenance.

In case expanding lung capacity for swimming is the primary issue, this can be dealt with by swimming for longer periods of time instead of short stints every day. Varied strokes can also help under water breathing regulation and thus strengthen the lung capacity. An affinity towards music can be turned into a positive effect by attempting to play any wind instruments. Playing instruments such as the saxophone or the flute yields a high chance of learning to gain lung capacity by regulation of the breathing patterns required to play the tunes through the instrument.

Singing is also a viable option, as it can assist learning to control breathing. Practicing various notes of a musical scale while singing helps, especially when holding the notes on a higher or lower scale for more than 2 seconds.

Smoking or drinking as a habit should be reduced and preferably totally avoided, considering that smoking weakens the lungs and could also cause lung cancer.

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