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Among the most important systems in the human body is respiratory system, since we get oxygen and expel the carbon dioxide through the respiratory tract by inhaling and exhaling. It is a vital system, necessary for the survival of every individual since its functions are indispensable. However, as any other part of the body, the respiratory tract functions can be impaired by several disorders and diseases. One of the disorders that can affect the lungs is viral infection commonly known as pneumonia. Pneumonia refers to the inflammation and swelling of the lungs that fill up with pus.

Causes of viral infection in lung

Viral lung infection usually occurs when one inhales the virus though the breathing process. The virus tends to travel through the airways until reaching the lungs, where it stays and starts to overproduce. In most cases, viral lung inflammation is developed out of common cold and in some cases, even fever may be responsible for the occurrence of the viral infection in the lungs.

Since our environment is full of different kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi and many other microorganisms, they penetrate into the body very easily through the mouth and the nose, and then they can easily reach the lungs. Therefore, the lung infections are a quite normal and frequent respiratory system disorder, which affects many people. Common cold and cough are the two lung infections that affect almost every person at least once in life.

Symptoms of viral lung infection

Viral lung infection tends to show numerous symptoms and when they are noticed, it is advisable to treat the infection in order to avoid the occurrence of some more serious lung disease.

The people who have some viral lung infection typically experience dry coughing, sore throat, fever which is not high and nasal congestion. Moreover, headache, muscle spasm and aches in the joints are also some of the warning signs of a viral lung infection. Viral lung infection may cause pain on one side of the chest when breathing, as well as sputum when coughingup. Other common symptoms of this lung condition might also include nausea and shortness of breath, as well as vomiting anddiarrhea.

Treatment of viral lung infection

Once the viral infection in the lungs is diagnosed through the various tests, the doctors prescribe certain antiviral medications. However, if the patient has problems with breathing, he/she is hospitalized right away and given the breathing apparatus in order to breathe normally.

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