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For people looking after their bodies and thinking aboutphysical fitness, there are 4 important things. These are: cardio-respiratorycapacity, muscular capacity, flexibility and body composition. Almost everyone warmsup, do their exercise routine and shower. What they usually neglect is stretching.Everyone needs to stretch and find the balance between working out with theweights, building the muscles and maintaining flexibility of these muscles atthe same time.

What’s Good about Stretching

Athletes are very aware of the importance of flexibility. Theyknow that stretching after strenuous training can decrease pain in the musclesfollowing day and that it significantly decreases the risk of muscle injuries. Stretchingafter the exercise will also help your body to cool down and properlydistribute the blood to the muscles.

There are some long term benefits of flexibility training,as well. You will see people who stretch regularly to sit straight, and have theirevery motion increased. They can stretch more, bend more and even reachfurther than people neglecting flexibility. Stretching is also a great way toease the stress, letting you focus more on your body.

Useful Advices

Dancing and yoga classes can significantly improve yourflexibility. If you don’t have time to practice regularly at some studio, learnseveral positions (yoga positions are also known as asanas) and practice atyour home.

You can also stretch without these. Simply remember to stretchwhenever you finish your exercise routine and it will certainly be beneficialfor you. You should stretch your whole body, so start with your neck andshoulders, and then proceed to the upper part of the body. After that stretchthe muscles of your lower body, including: the core, gluteus, hamstrings, quad,hamstrings, calves and ankles. Remember to stretch your feet as well. It won’ttake too much of your time, just a minute or little bit more for every musclegroup, which is about 15 minutes of your time. That much time you always have,regardless what you need to do next. Trainers recommend stretching the muscleswhile holding it steady, without bouncing.

Never-ever stretch the cold muscles. Always warm-up firstand then start with stretching. Next time you stretch push a little bitfurther, but only to the limit of your comfort and remember to breathe deeplywhile you are doing the stretch. You must know the limitation of your body. Ifit’s hurting you or make you feel extremely uncomfortable – that much stretching isnot good for you.

Drink enough water before the stretching, to make sure yourbody is not dehydrated.

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