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Why choose a therapeutic massage?

A Brief Explanation of the Term

Massaging is a type of treatment which has been known for a very long time now, even long before before the real, medical benefits of receiving one were even ever hinted at. It is presumably a French word, but its semantics may indicate a variety of meanings in different languages, for instance in:

  • Greek, massein – to mash, rub

  • Arab, mass – to touch gently, wipe

  • Hebrew, mases – to touch, finger.

Simply put, massaging involves applying scientifically grounded measures which have mechanical, as well as reflex influences on the human body. The “massage actions” (the movements made by a masseur) are performed either by hand or by use of tools and machines. Thus, their goal is the restoration of the strength and overall health of the massaged.

The Service

According to history, there is no clear cultural origin of this service. It has been developed by many different cultures, actually nearly every culture on Earth separately, for instance

  • Japanese

  • Chinese and

  • Greek,

while some of those were still unaware of one another. But only recently has it received recognition for granting non-purely-hedonistic, real medically proven benefits. Until that point it was considered a little more than a folk-medical treatment practiced by

  • midwives

  • bone splinter (people splinting bones) and

  • witch doctors, etc.,

as a means of attempting to

  • restore twisted or broken bones

  • heal diarrhea and

  • pain in the lumbar areas and

  • helping women in care of irregular uterine position.

Later on, Swedish doctor P. Lingo combines the effects of massage with gymnastics to provide a broader and more complete form of treatment. He was also the one who scientifically classified the various massage techniques and their moves.

Another great contributor to this field was the Russian doctor Zabludovsky. His research resulted in the development of several new massage techniques as well as the application of massage moves in treating post-surgical pain as well as sports injuries.

The use of massage as a means of treating wounds was used particularly during WW2, and more frequently so as of then.

The General Massage

The General Massage is a type of massage when the whole body is treated, while in a particular position. The moves are carried out though a certain sequence. In accordance with the particular person's needs, the goal may be:

  • therapeutic

  • sports

  • hygienic or

  • cosmetic.

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