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Artificial insemination is the process during which the sperm is injected into the reproductive system of a female. The goal is to achieve fertilization of an egg but the entire process does not involve sexual intercourse, hence the name artificial. In people artificial insemination is the part of assisted reproductive technology. The sperm may be obtained from the woman's male partner or the woman chooses a sperm donor.

Artificial Insemination - the Very Procedure

As it has been already mentioned during the procedure the sperm is artificially injected into the woman's cervix or the uterus. The woman is an active participant in the process while men who are needed to donate the sperm are indirect participants of the insemination.

Prior insemination the woman undergoes thorough exams and tests. She is closely monitored and the doctor pays close attention to her menstrual cycle. This is of major importance because insemination must take place immediately after ovulation. Otherwise the process will fail.

Artificial insemination is successful in around 5-25% of all cases. The chances for a woman to conceive are greater if she takes fertility drugs. All in all, in spite of low success rate, the process still helps many women to get pregnant.

Types of Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is a powerful tool that has helped many women around the world to conceive. It can be performed in a form of intracervical insemination or intrauterine insemination. Better results are achieved with intrauterine insemination and today this approach is widely used.

Intracervical artificial insemination is quite popular approach. It is quick and easy and does not cause any pain or discomfort. The sperm is injected directly into the cervix. From there spermatozoids easily move to the uterus and the fallopian tubes where they reach the egg and fertilize it.

Intrauterine artificial insemination is performed in women who cannot conceive and the underlying cause simply cannot be identified. This method is cheaper comparing to the previous one and is also much simpler. Better results are achieved if a woman is additionally treated with fertility medications.

The sperm is sometimes obtained from a woman's partner. Women who are not in a relationship may chose a donor and use his sperm. This is an excellent solution for single, independent women who want to have children but have not met the 'right' person yet. This approach is also frequently used by homosexual women.

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