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Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is an inflammation of the corners of the mouth. It most commonly affects both corners at the same time. This medical condition features with deep and rather painful cracks which require time to heal properly. Speaking and chewing decelerate the proper process of healing of these rather annoying lesions. In extreme cases, these lesion may even bleed if the mouth is open too wide. The process of healing is accompanied by formation of crusts which are not so appealing. This is why patients have to deal with both, the disease itself and the problem related to unsightly look of the lesions.

Causes of Angular Cheilitis

This medical condition is most definitely related to certain vitamin deficiencies. The cracks can additionally get infected with Candida albicans but the fungi are not initial cause of the disease. Deficiency of vitamin B2 as well as iron deficiency lead to angular cheilitis. It can also occur in people who are suffering from undernourishment.

Angular cheilitis is only one symptom of a complex syndrome called Plummer-Vinson syndrome.

The disease can additionally develop due to over-closure of the mouth caused by loss of teeth in elderly people.

There are several more causes of angular cheilitis and some of them include bacterial infections or overuse of medications which may dry the skin.

Angular Cheilitis and Emotional Response

This medical condition can severely damage one's self-esteem. The skin lesions are rather visible, red and they are particularly noticeable while a person is talking or when crusts start to form. This is the reason why people who are suffering from angular cheilitis avoid contact of any kind. The problem is actually related to the length of the disease where speaking and chewing can only prolong the process of healing. The healing is additionally prolonged if one is not using proper medications or ointments.

Treatment for Angular Cheilitis

The patients should consult their GPs if this medical condition occurs. This is important since angular cheilitis can be caused by some underlying conditions which are not supposed to be left untreated.

In Avitaminosis of any kind the doctor will most certainly prescribe specific vitamin supplements and recommend a proper diet. Superinfection with bacteria or fungi is treated with special creams. A topical antiseptic cream can help in healing of the lesions. They can withdraw within a week. This condition can be recurrent and this is also a reason for a patient to see his/ her general practitioner. The recurrence may be a consequence of improper treatment or persistent vitamin deficiency.

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