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As there is no cure for a cold, its treatment is directed at relieving the symptoms that it causes. Cold usually goes away in about a week, although it may even take longer. The treatment includes several phases.

As soon as the first symptoms of cold are noticed such as stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose and sore throat it is advisably to stay at home and accumulate the energy to overcome cold easily. Then, it is necessary to prevent bacteria spreading, which mean changing pillows often, and prevent people from coming into contact with anything that may be infected. In relation to this, it appeals to frequent hand washing. It is necessary to drink lot of liquid, which can cause frequent going to the bathroom, but that\'s good. In this way, your body releases toxins where urine should be light yellow and clear. By entering large amounts of water and juice headache and sore throat are relieved. Some experts believe that the combination of heat, salt and liquid is ideal for overcoming symptoms of cold. So it is necessary to eat hot and spicy chicken soup that is pleasant for a throat and can unblock the nasals. Periodical use of decongestant nasal-free Saline solution is the best for unblocking sinuses, as decongestants are believed to be potential carriers of bacteria. In order to beat cold faster it is necessary to enter large amounts of vitamin C, which means eating plenty of fruits and drinking fruit juices. Rest is the most important thing about overcoming cold, so person should not be exposed to stressful situations, so warm bath can be very helpful. Smoking, coffee, tea contains caffeine and soda aggravates the symptoms of colds and therefore should be avoided. Throat gargle with warm salty water can ease the pain, but this is a short-term assistance, and must be careful that water is not to salty to not worsen the situation. Breathing the fumes of sunken herbs (mint, eucalyptus, cloves, thyme) can cleanse the respiratory organs.

There are several home cold remedies that make it easy. A remedy made of honey and lemon juice: mix a little boiling water, one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey. This medicine helps to feel a little better instantly and the effect lasts for several hours.The cure of pepperoni: Add red cayenne pepper in the soup and eat. Then, wrap yourself well in blankets to sweat out which removes viruses out from the body. Garlic clove: chop up garlic clove, mix with teaspoon of honey and swallow. Garlic has many positive effects on human health. It helps in strengthening the immune system, maintain healthy well-being of the heart and blood circulation.

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