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Common Cold

Common cold is a viral infection and it actually requires no specific medication. It affects upper respiratory tract and is contagious. The symptoms of this viral infection include sore throat, runny nose and sometimes increased body temperature. The symptoms of the disease withdraw spontaneously within 10 days, but there are certain remedies and different foods that may enhance the withdrawal of symptoms and help patients to cope with the disease.

Cold Natural Cure

The smartest thing one can do is to avoid cold. This can be achieved by either avoidance of sick people or by boosting of one's immune system. Every day stress, anxiety, troubles at work or at home make people more susceptible to infections, especially to cold. Unfortunately, the prevention is not possible in all cases and the disease eventually affects people.

It is best if one successfully recognizes the introduction of cold and reacts right before the symptoms fully develop. One may assume that he/she has caught cold if their throat starts to tingle. If this sensation is accompanied by fatigue it is most definitive the disease will occur.

The basic concept of treating cold is plenty of bed rest. Staying in bed will accelerate the healing and prevent possible complications.

People lose their appetite during cold. This is not a reason for them to avoid food. The food may include hot soups and fresh fruit and vegetable. Hot soup will soothe the throat and fruit and vegetable will increase intake of vitamin C. One should take small portions of food, several times a day. Garlic is, for example, an excellent food in combat against infections. If one cannot tolerate its repulsing smell and cannot consume it all alone, garlic can be chopped and mixed with food. One should restrict intake of sugar, salt and dairy products.

Drinking a lot of fluid is also recommendable. This helps in reduction of fever. Water, fresh fruit juices as well as soup need to be taken in large amounts.

Echinacea is an excellent herb for immune system. Apart from Echinacea a person may consult pharmacist to see what herbal remedies can be also taken to sooth the symptoms of cold.

Heavy smokers are advised to stop smoking at least during cold. Smoking will only worsen the symptoms of the disease.

The nasal blockage can be successfully eliminated by nasal drops which can be bought over-the counter. Even inhalation of boiled water or tea can help in drainage of the mucus and lead to reduction of nasal congestion.

And finally, it is also important not to spread the disease. Used tissues need to be thrown immediately, and proper ventilation of the room a patient is staying in is essential.

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