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Stretch marks. I am sure that it would be fair to say that those are something every woman would rather avoid. Many things in life offer the "opportunity" to earn some stretch marks gaining weight, losing it, simply aging... and pregnancy is another of life's perfect opportunities to get yourself some stretch marks. These lines, which first appear as slightly red and raises, and then fade away into silvery marks, are also known as striae and are universally deemed unattractive.

You can get them in lots of places. The lower abdomen is a favorite spot for stretch marks, but the thighs, back and breasts are not exempt either. Whether you are still trying to conceive, or already pregnant, it is quite possible that the topic of stretch marks is one that you will spend some time thinking about. You might be wondering what you can do to fight stretch marks in pregnancy, and how you can maximize your chances of looking much the same after you give birth as you did before you started thinking about having a baby. I was no different to most women, and when my partner and I first decided to ditch the birth control and start trying for a baby, I remember running to the beauty store straight away. My body mattered, and if at all possible, I wanted avoid playing host to stretch marks. So I asked around at the counters of some of the world's best make-up and cosmetics brands, and settled on the most expensive anti-stretch mark cream that I could find.

It was an Estee Lauder cream, if you are interested, and it smelt beautiful and felt luxurious. I started to use the cream faithfully as soon as I bought it. Who would pass up on the opportunity to be covered in a $200 cream? Right, it was a bit expensive, but the pot was huge, to be fair. I continued using the cream throughout my pregnancy. Guess what? Stretch mark creams do not work. I got striae anyway. And no, they are not the end of the world. In fact, I hardly see them at all now. Fast forward several years to when I was pregnant with my youngest child, and I gave up on using stretch mark creams, expensive or otherwise. This time, I got no new stretch marks at all. How do you fight stretch marks in pregnancy? You don't you either get them, or you don't. It's all part of the genetic lottery, and you don't get a say. Estee Lauder doesn't, either.

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