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A Brief Introduction

Becoming a father is quite possibly one of the biggest joys in life! However, there are unexpected consequences to be faced upon recent fatherhood. One of them would be that there is a number of new fathers all of a sudden start feeling uncared for. This is most likely manifested through the mothers' sudden lack of interest in sex.

Namely, a new mom is so occupied by the little bundle of joy she's recently been presented with, that she rightfully believes that it is beyond any reasonable expectations to spare the same amount of time and energy for sex as before childbirth.

Atop of that a new mom's body needs the time to heal before it may be ready for a bit of action again.

However, the good news is that parenthood (thankfully!) does not put a full stop to the couple's sex life.

Nine Tips to Guide the New Parents

Fist off, some time ought to pass after child birth before any at all love making should be engaged in again. During these periods, fatherhood should be enjoyed during the couple of weeks while the lady's body heals from the surgical interventions at child birth. This period shall vary from mom to mom, but most doctors advise that it ought not be shorter than six weeks.

Next off: spending time together. The temporary lack of a sex life doesn't rule out having fun at all. During this period, the couple should spend as much time as possible together. And this may even involve bathing together (minus the sex, of course) or, furthermore, taking care of the newborn together.

Birth control should be planned for. This means that birth control should be taken care of, straight away. This means breastfeeding, too. Even though it doesn't normally delay a lady's fertility, you never know when her periods may return to spoil it all. So if a lady would like to go for birth control pills, it would be recommended to advise a doctor concerning the type that is safe for breast feeding as well.

Cuddle! This is an excellent way to spend time together before the doctor flashes the green light to resume the sex. This will also make both of the parents feel more loved, as well as feel better about having the baby.

Next, knowing each other better. Tiny little new character traits surface upon both of the parents' personalities during early parenthood. This is true for second-time parenthood as well, and is also a lot of fun.

Be spontaneous! This means that during early parenthood, bed time may no longer be appropriate for having sex (for obvious reasons). This is also true of the bedroom. This is why sex should be enjoyed in other times and places of the house, which ought to bring about new, fresh kind of playfulness into the course.

Lubricate! If either of the partners doesn't feel wet enough, lubrication brings no shame to the game. These may be purchased over the counter.

When it comes to people who have sex out of love, and not just habit, the quality of it severely outweighs its quantity. Extra efforts to make each other feel loved should be made.

And lastly, a new mother is prone to developing a new fear or two when it comes to sexual intercourse. Some ladies are even concerned about not being attractive anymore. This should be respected, and time should be allowed for these fears to fade away.

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