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Rectum and large intestine abnormalities and changes can be detected with the use of virtual colonoscopy. The abdominal organs will be the focus of the computerized topography, which gives pictures of the mentioned organs. These cross-sectional numerous pictures will state what the actual state of the rectum and colon is. Insertion of a scope and sedation is not a part of this procedure. This may be considered still to be an experimental exam, which is performed for the colon cancer screening. Many problems and not only those associated with colon and rectum can be located, such as spleen, pancreas, liver, and kidney problems. This happens due to the whole pelvic and abdominal area included in this exam.

Preparation for the Exam

The colon needs to be clean for this procedure, since the results may be affected by this. Prior to the exam, a proper diet is needed, while eating is prohibited on the day of the procedure. No fluids can be taken after the midnight on the day before the procedure. But prior to this, broth, tea, plain water can be consumed. Use of any kind of laxative is needed the night before the procedure. The residue of stool and abnormalities of the colon can be detected by the medications that need to be used, since they will tag the stool and identify it. Also, some medications that are already are being used may need to be eliminated from the use few days before the virtual colonoscopy. Talk to your doctor about this. This procedure is not very confortable so new ways of performing it are examined. Some new ways include the use of a barium smoothie, which is the only pre-procedure activity that a patient has to do. The tissue that is abnormal and the stool can be distinguished due to the attachment of the barium to these items. Some small dosages of radiation are possible during the CTscan.

The Exam

Medications are used prior to the procedure and they help a patient avoid cramps, which are a possibility. While laying down, the small tube is placed in the rectum and the carbon dioxide or air then fills the colon. The images are then created as the gas enters. All of this is done while lying on the side. Then, you need to lie on the back. The body is then scanned in the CT scanning machine. The images will be taken again, but while lying on the stomach. The use of contrast agent is a possibility as well, and after 10 minutes, the results are given. Due to the gas release, bloating may be felt. Regular activities can be done immediately after the procedure, along with the diet practiced before the virtual colonoscopy. We advise walking as a way of relieving the bloating emotion. If the test is negative, no risks and abnormalities have been found. But if the virtual colonoscopy is positive, polyps are present. They may be removed the same day, but some doctors may first take samples in order to detect their number and size.

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