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Understanding Common Cold

The common cold is a viral infection of our upper respiratory system, mainly manifesting through coughing, sore throat, hoarseness and several other symptoms. However, once you start being troubled by these symptoms, the virus has already finished its incubation period, and there are signs of a cold in progress long before it actually hits us. Many of us, upon suffering from the symptoms of a common cold, rush to our medicine chests and take all we can find, swallowing many different medications and hoping all will do their job. This is the wrong way of reacting to this condition. Being a viral infection, a cold will last until the virus runs its course and disappears. Thus, all you need to do is make the symptoms less prominent. In order to do this, you need to know what you are dealing with before taking pills which may cause side-effects or be totally counter-productive. So, read on and follow these safe and best steps towards getting rid of the common cold symptoms quickly and effectively.

What Can You Do?

Firs, once you experience the well-known fatigue and lack of strength, give yourself a rest and skip work for a couple of days in order to recuperate. You do not need to become bed ridden, you just need to sleep enough, eat well and reduce your physical straining. The same goes for your child. If it shows signs of cold, keep it at home, and limit its physical activities for a couple of days.

Know that the lack of appetite you are feeling is one of the main signs of cold. Thus, make sure you eat well, regardless of the absence of hunger you are experiencing. Also, increase your fluid intake, since you need these in order to fight off the infections, keep your blood flowing fast and remove the excessive mucus which is pestering you. For these purposes, fruit juices are the best option. Just make sure they are not cold. Avoid milk during this period since it can be of little help. Another drink to avoid is an alcoholic one, especially if you are on any type of medications.

Do not forget that all beverages you take should be healthy and warm, since any cold ones are bound to slow down your mucus disappearance.

Thus, since you cannot stop the virus, the best thing is to endure it smartly and carefully, following the above mentioned tips.

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