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The human body is constantly exposed to many microbes and environmental pollutants that can seriously impair its health. However, the body has it natural defense system, which is called the immune system and which defends the body from the foreign objects that enter the organism. Therefore, we should do whatever we can to boost our immune system and make it very strong, so that it is able to preserve out health.

Cold sores and the immune system

However, when herpes simplex virus reaches our body, it stays there forever. It may stay dormant and never be activated, but when it is triggered, it can cause the outbreak of cold sores. Thus, if we are infected by herpes simplex virus, we should pay attention to our immune system since when it is weakened, it triggers the virus and cold sores appear.

Since the immune system uses vitamins and minerals to create the antibodies whose prime role is to kill the foreign bodies, it is important to consume sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals every day. It can be said that our body is full of different microbes, but they are dormant since our immune system makes them to be inactive. The virus that is responsible for the outbreak of cold sores is herpes simplex virus. There are even eight herpes simplex viruses which are known, but only two of them cause cold sores either in the oral cavity and mouth, or in the genital area. These viruses dwell in the nerve cells, waiting the suitable time and conditions to start to multiple themselves. Yes, it can be said that the virus that cause cold sores are actually the parasites since they require a host to survive. The best way to prevent the occurrence of cold sores is to build the immune system so strong that the virus cannot overproduce itself.

Recommended defense

Many viral infections can be treated with the aid of a vaccine which does not eliminate the virus, but which helps the immune system to fight against it. When the cold sores are in question, a vaccine is not necessary since the immune system can fight the virus alone but only with the sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential when we want to boost our immune system; there are many foods high in the essential nutrients, but fruits and vegetables are indispensable. Vitamin and mineral supplementation should be used in preventing the incidence of cold sores.

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