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Liver cirrhosis is a chronic, progressive, incurable disease characterized by deterioration of liver cells, creating a connective tissue which disturbs the normal material of the liver, chaotic regeneration of liver tissue which disturb its function and circulation disturbance in the liver, which again leads to the previous disorders.


Posthepatits liver cirrhosis is a consequence of acute or chronic viral liver inflammation (hepatitis).

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis occurs due to effects of excessive consumption of alcohol and nutrition poor in protein. This form of cirrhosis first leads to fatty liver infiltration due to toxic effects of alcohol, followed by other symptoms of cirrhosis. The appearance of cirrhosis depends on the type of alcoholic beverage, frequency and intensity of alcohol intake.

Biliary cirrhosis is caused by long-term cholestasis (bile stagnation), which occurs due to bacterial infection.

Primary biliary cirrhosis is an autoimmune disease whereby the body for unknown reason produces the cells that attack the liver.

Pigment liver cirrhosis is rare. It is the result of the excessive iron accumulation in the liver from the intestine because of the inherent metabolism defects.

Also, regular and prolonged use of certain drugs may lead to the development of liver cirrhosis.


Liver cirrhosis may lead to acute hemorrhage from varicose veins of esophagus and stomach and from gastric mucosa ulcer.

This liver disease assumes decreased resistance of the organism which may cause repeated liver infections.

It also may cause primary liver cells cancer cells, impotence in men and blood poisoning due to infection of excess fluid in the intestine (ascites).


In alcoholic cirrhosis, end of alcohol intake leads to significant improvements. Bad prognostic sign is the appearance of ascites, jaundice worsening, prolonged jaundice regardless of its intensity and the organism inaction to diuretic therapy.

In other liver cirrhosis can be used immunosuppressants and corticosteroids. In general liver cirrhosis is incurable, but its course can be slowed down by varied nutrition and enough rest. It is advisable to lie several hours during the day.

What can be done with Food?

Varied nutrition is very important because it can slow the disease. In the beginning of the disease, if nausea is expressed, patient should eat skimmed milk, lean cheese, yogurt, juices and compotes. Later on, steamed chicken and beef, fish, integral bread, soy, fruit and vegetables are introduced into the diet. This means that liver cirrhosis demands less fat and more proteins and carbohydrates intake. Salt and protein are reduced if there is existence of ascites.

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