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Several Facts about Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine, being specific for many different things. Namely, the very concept of this kind of medicine relies on reducing the dosage of a certain medication to a bare minimum, being diluted as much as possible, having almost no healing substances at all.

Homeopathy claims that this kind of diluted medication can leave a mark on the body, making it defend itself against many different illnesses, with nothing but its own power and strength. Thus, the dosage is crucial for the stimulation of our body's natural defense system which is, according to homeopathy, more than capable of dealing with all the health problems we might face.

Naturally, many people of science have negative attitudes towards homeopathy, claiming how this kind of healing can never work, since it is more of a placebo, than an actual medication treatment. However, there have been many trials and experiments which worked and have shown the true potential of homeopathy, as the homeopaths claim.

Real Medicine or Not?

The question still remains, whether homeopathy deserves a place in human medicine or not. Many deny this branch as scientific, claiming that there is no difference between homeopathy and a placebo effect of a certain medication. Moreover, many have done studies, comparing the two, noticing that there is little or no difference at all.

However, many people are still confused by the success of numerous trials related to the efficiency of homeopathy. More than 100 controlled studies were performed and documented, all bearing different results and dealing with different issues, mainly comparing homeopathy to placebo and vice-versa.

Nevertheless, some of the results of these researches have shown that homeopathy deserves to be given a chance since many of the test subjects reacted better after being given homeopathic medication.

We are usually afraid of something we do not understand. In homeopathy, we are faced with the fact that something minor can cure something major. This goes in contrary to our beliefs and previous medical knowledge, since we know that the complication of treatment goes hand-in-hand with the seriousness of the illness. Thereby, we are to think that treating someone with a weaker, diluted medication can only be bad for this individual.

Yet, we still have many things to find out about homeopathy. Perhaps, one day, when we look further into it, we might realize that it is one of the strongest medicine branches we have ever had.

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