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Bruxism, or the habit of teethgrinding at night, is usually related to any type of forceful contact between theteeth, whether silent and clenching, or loud and grating. When teeth grindingoccurs, the teeth can be damaged and other complications can arise.

Can bruxism be treated? Bruxismis usually related to stress, so some relaxation strategies, hypnosis oracupuncture may help. Also, there are some natural ways to help you withbruxism.

Dentist will probably diagnosebruxism if a patient tells him that he grinds his teeth. Due to that, dentist will suggest that a patient should wear a mouth guard at night. The best choice is to see aholistic practitioner or an alternative medical doctor. They can help you with someadvice, or suggest that you need vitamins and minerals. That is because thedeficiency in vitamins and minerals can provoke bruxism as well. Thiscondition is not only present with adult people. Children can have bruxism aswell. Frequency of bruxism in children is from 15 to 33 percent. Even though itseems that children are grinding their teeth more often, some children outgrowbruxism.

A mouth guard is one of the most recommended remedies for bruxism, but these guards cost a lot. Besides that,there are other ways to put an end to this condition and those are naturalways. Stress and anger are often the cause of bruxism. The best way todeal with teeth grinding is to reduce the level of stress and anger. Thereare some natural techniques that are helpful like biofeedback and vitamins in acombination with relaxation strategies.

Vitamin C, calcium and magnesiumare connected with bruxism. If we don’t take enough of these nutrients it canlead to teeth grinding. Vitamin C is most important because it helps inreducing stress level. Chromium, L-Tryosine, melatonin, SAMe and zinc areminerals that could help too. Vitamin B5 and B complex vitamins are very goodfor our nerves and can help in stress reduction. Also you should examine levelof sugar in your blood, because hypoglycemia can sometimes be the reason forbruxism.

The best way to stop grindingyour teeth is to change your eating habits. Anything that has caffeine is notrecommended. Alcohol is increasing the intensity of bruxism so it should beexcluded. Also, chewing pencils, pens or even chewing gums can increasegrinding habit. Another advice in resolving this problem is to relax jawmuscles and to try to stop with grinding by putting your tongue between yourteeth. You should do that every time you notice that you are clenching.

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