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Bruxism is a very common condition among adult people and its symptom is present during the sleeping time, which means that the sufferer doesn't even have to know that this problem exists. The main signs of bruxism are uneasiness, irritability, feelings of anxiety and depression, pain in the ears, problems with jaw, teeth sensitive to heat or coldness, and difficulties with falling asleep etc.
How to treat bruxism?
A lot of people have occasional bruxism and then they do not have the need to treat this condition. But, in some cases, there are visible signs of bruxism such as even be broken teeth, and in those cases the condition should be treated. You should visit a dentist and he will tell you if you are under the risk of inducing some serious damages due to the teeth grinding. Bruxism may be induced by various reasons and therefore there are different treatments available for teeth grinding. We will select the treatment that is appropriate for every individual cause of bruxism.
Different treatments for bruxism
Stress management is one of the ways to stop your bruxism and it consists of learning the special methods that will help you to relax and cope with the stress more effectively. Unfortunately, we can't imagine today's life without stress and that is the additional reason to learn how to relax. Yoga can also be very helpful in relaxation and therefore, it can prevent bruxism from occurring. You could try to prepare a nice warm bath for yourself before you go to bed, and that will calm your body and you won't have troubles with teeth grinding. Workouts and exercises may be very helpful to cope with distress and anxious feelings that are the main reasons for your teeth grinding. You can practically do anything that relaxes you and that makes you feel comfortable. You should also try to relax your jaw muscles during the day and don't eat foods that you have to chew hard.
Dental night guards
Dental night guards are very often recommended by dentists, so that you don't damage your teeth when you suffer from bruxism. Night guards can be made by your dentist so that they can fit you well, or they can be bought in a drug store, but they won't be as comfortable as those made specially for you. However, guards bought over-the- counter are less expensive.
Biofeedback is a very popular method these days, and it is used for treating various disorders, but it can be very helpful in the teeth grinding treatment, too.

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