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The Teeth Grinding Phenomenon

Teeth grinding is a terrible habitpotentially causing the permanent damage to your teeth. Moreover, it canaffect both children and adults making it even more dangerous. Whilewith adults, teeth grinding is caused by stress and nervousness, withchildren there are usually different causes for this condition. Allin all, teeth grinding usually takes place at night, thereforeemphasizing the necessity of people close to you to pay attention andlet you know of your unhealthy habit before it is too late.

Reasons Behind Teeth Grinding

As far as children are concerned, theytend to grind their teeth mostly during the period of their teething.Namely, irritated by the discomfort this occasion brings, smallchildren instinctively find comfort in clenching or grinding theirstill growing teeth. This is considered normal unless it transfers asa habit into later stages of a child's life. Furthermore, once theteeth have fully grown, one's upper and lower teeth may be fittingimproperly, thus causing this condition due to everyday jawmovements. Sometimes, children express pain and troubles throughteeth grinding during sleep. Then, this condition may serve as atimely indicator of a more serious problem.

There are numerous other similar causesof teeth grinding. Nevertheless, as long as it takes place duringteething or while the child is having his or her baby teeth, this isnot a problem. However, if this condition remains a habit once secondteeth have grown, something needs to be done in order to preventdental damage due to frequent grinding. The child may even start tocomplain about headaches or a painful jaw at some point of its teethgrinding activity. Then, it is important to notice the symptoms andtake your child to the dentist. He or she will see how much damagehad been done to the teeth beforehand, and try to give you the bestadvice for solving this problem.

If the case was about adult teethgrinding, the dentist would have probably recommended some kind of acorrectional surgery. However, with children, there is no need forthat. Rather, the child is either made a night guard according to hisor her own teeth and jaw position, or advised to buy an universalone. These devices prevent one from clenching and grinding his or herteeth. Therefore, it is very important for the child to wear anadequate night guard in order for it to remain in his or her mouthduring the whole night. Finally, a cup of milk before bedtime,soothing conversations or stories, as well as other similar methods,help the child fall a sleep more relaxed, therefore reducing thedanger of teeth grinding.

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