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Introduction to teeth grinding

Bruxism is the name given to unconscious teeth grinding when a person is sleeping.

It is an involuntary action, since it is an unconscious thing, and it occurs in people who tend to be really stressed out. When these people sleep, they clench and grind their teeth together.

This can cause severe damage to the teeth and the jaw in general.

Often, people who do this regularly tend to have crooked teeth or some kind of other dental damage.

One of the many ways to try and prevent this is by sleeping with a mouth guard.

Types of mouth guards

We know that a lot of athletes wear mouth guards to protect their teeth, especially boxers and hockey players, who are most prone to suffering blows to the mouth during their sporting events.

However, mouth guards are used by people who have problems with grinding their teeth while sleeping as well.

Most mouth guards are single-walled, which means that they only cover teeth on one side of the two jaws, and it is usually placed on the teeth that are located on the upper jaw.

Sometimes, however, the dentist can make a mouth guard that covers both sets of teeth, but this is used in the most extreme cases, mostly.

There are essentially three kinds of mouth guards that are most commonly used.

The stock mouth protector guards are probably the most inexpensive ones. You can buy that at any sports store and they are ready to wear as soon as you buy them, but of course, make sure to wash them before placing them in the mouth.

The problems with these mouth guards are that they are not specifically molded for your mouth, and they are sometimes rather bulky and might give you problems breathing, and of course, talking will be hard as well, but that doesn’t really matter, since people usually wear them while sleeping if they are suffering from bruxism.

Boil and bite protector guards are another type. They can also be purchased at any sports store, but they are slightly more expensive. Before a person puts them in, they must be boiled in water in order to turn soft. Once you bite into it, it will adjust to the teeth, but you may also have to adjust them a little with the fingers and tongue as well.

Then there are custom fitted protector guards, which are the most expensive. They are designed specifically for each person in a dental laboratory, which is why they are expensive. It is worth the price, however, since it is specially designed for your teeth.

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