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Poison oak remedies

If a person gets in touch with poison oak plant he or she may end up with pain and swelling in the area that was affected. However, a person that does get affected need not worry since there are plenty home remedies to treat this inconvenience. The oil in the plant is the thing that causes allergic-like reactions of the skin in the form of skin disorders. The name of this oil is urushiol. This oil is responsible for the appearing of skin rash, itchy pustules, blisters and swelling of the affected areas. The sap of the plant is where the oil is located. A person does not need to get in contact with the oil by directly touching the plant in order to get infected. A person can get affected if he or she gets in touch with an animal or an object that was in contact with the plant. Sometimes it may take even a day or two before any of the symptoms appear on the body. This oil is known to cause severe discomfort and people are very irritated by it. However, a good thing is that there are plenty of home remedies that can help with easing the pain and discomfort and getting rid of the oil. Poison oak natural remedies: tips

Tea tree oilLots of people agree that tea tree oil is an excellent thing to use when a person gets infected with poison oak. People say that the itchiness and the swellings will be there no more within a couple of days of applying this particular tea.

JewelweedAn even better remedy for the rashes caused by poison oak may be the juices obtained from the stems of this plant. People who have used the juices form the jewelweed plant claim that the rashes will be cured within an hour.

Aloe VeraThis is considered to be the most important herb because it can reach very deep inside the skin and cure it.

Banana tree and warm waterA good thing a person can do when he or she gets infected with poison oak is to take a warm bath. A person can also rub the peel of a banana tree on the area that itches and the itching sensation will go away in the next 11 hours.

WatermelonVitamin C is very good with treating itches. Because watermelon is rich with vitamin C a person can rub the inside of it on the place that itches and he or she will feel instant relief.

Epsom saltsA person can also make a paste out of Epsom salt and apply it to the affected area.

If a person knows some good home remedies for poison ivy, they can be used to treat poison oak as well.

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