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Poison IvyRash and Prevention

Poison ivy(Rhus radicans) can cause itching, and is the most famous of the so called Big3, which also include oak and sumac, with appearances in media and popular culture.

It is suggested to attempt to prevent the condition tobegin with. In the case of accidental contact with this plant, it can be wiseto have another plant readied, called Jewelweed or touch-me-not, to ensure that proper treatment of poison ivy itch can be utilized.

ForJewelweed to function properly, an extract must be garnered from it. TheJewelweed extract is easier to buy than to make, due to its time consuming preparationprocess. It is classified within Impatiens capensis, as a wild edition of the vibrantimpatiens plants, popularly marketed as shady annual beds. Both the plants thatcause rashes and the ones that prevent it can grow side by side.

Jewelweedis utilized for poison ivy, but there are other ailments such as The Urticadioica (singing nettle), which can create a burning sensation on the skin. Thisfeeling can be remedied by applying a natural balm called rumex crispus, orsimply dock. This dock plant should be crushed, and the remaining pulp should be appliedto the wound. The difference in relation to jewelweed as far as treating poisonivy is mainly the fact that fresh dock juice should function well enough on its own,without purchasing or attempting to receive extract.

When encounteringrash caused by poison ivy, it is essential to act at no more than 15 minutesafter contacting the ivy. Treatment involves applying alcohol to the affectedarea on the body, rinsing with water and then washing that all up withwarm water and soap.

Poison IvyRash and Poison Oak Rash Treatment and medical advice

Poison ivy and Oakrash treatment varies in effect depending on the method and the persons affected by the rash itself. While certain people can be aided and treated fullywith over-the-counter medication like Hydrocortisones, others have adversereactions or none at all. The poison ivy plant can cause extreme symptoms insome cases, prompting immediate medical assistance. The time period foreliminating all ivy rash consequences is 2 to 3 weeks. The Pediatrics Guide of First Aid claims that some extreme reactions can be remedied by prescribing corticosteroids,such as when the rash occurs on the genitals, face, or if more than 30 percentof the body is affected. Such medicationmust also be consumed in a time period of two weeks minimum, and a week longerif possible.

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