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Natural mishaps and ways to avoid them

Coming in direct contact with such a plant as the poison ivy seldom ends on a good note, since the person in question more often than not comes out of this duel “bruised”. In addition, certain people are more susceptible to the effects of the poison ivy than others. Once the wrath of this plant is felt, the most frequent solution people opt for is visiting a doctor where they will receive a shot in order to bring the entire matter under control and to defeat it completely. But, this is not the only path one can take, since people have come up with quite a number of homemade remedies that have proven to be quite effective as well.

Hot water as aid – once the body has been affected by poison ivy, a person in question should alleviate this by way of warm water, be it by exposing this sore spot under the sink or in the shower. Then, once the body got used to the water a bit, the next step is to change slowly the hot water-cold water ration by shutting off cold water and letting only the hot water run until a person can withstand it. One is surely to get all kinds of unpleasant sensations, such as prickling, but they should not give in that easily after only one or two times. This needs to be performed every time the sore spot gives you troubles, i.e. any time itching occurs. If a person is diligent and patient, the ill effects of the encounter with the poison ivy will disappear on their own in just a couple of daysAvoid no matter what – actually, there is not a single remedy that can better help a person in this situation than “avoidance”. That is to say that people should inform more about this plant, learn how to distinguish it from other plants. Also, one should turn for help to various skin lotions and specific varieties of soaps that have an inactivating effect on the poison ivy oil.Protective clothing – which is yet another must since it can save you a lot of unwanted trouble.Immediate washing - the pieces of garment that have come into contact with the poison ivy should be washed straight away so as to avoid additional skin contact, as well as any belongings that might have come into contact with, like a watch, faucet, door knob and alike.

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