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In today’s world there is a cure for everything. If you have it, they can fix it. However many of the so called cures nowadays actually fix the symptoms rather than the initial root cause. If you and your doctor can find the cause to the leg cramps and go ahead and treat that, then surely that’s a far better option to take.

What are Leg Cramps

Cramps in general are caused from the muscle in that particular area becoming contracted and unable to release and relax. This can cause immense, intense pain and will more often involve older people but not necessarily. It can last from one minute to several minutes which can be excruciating. Basically is happens because you have a digestive imbalance of some kind, your body is not getting the right amount of a particular nutrient. Magnesium is more than likely the main culprit. The majority of supplements are constructed in some lab. However, we as humans should, in theory, get all our much needed nutrients from the food. In the real world, the so called natural food is deficient in some nutrients because of how the industry is more into the amount rather than the excellence and quality of their product. Processed food is a classic case of being nutrient deficient. Sometimes the cramps are caused because your body cannot absorb the magnesium rather than not getting enough of it. If this is the reason then a re- balance is in order by taking a homeopathic approach.

What are the Symptoms of Leg Cramps

Usually a person with cramps in the leg will feel a huge amount of intense pain normally isolated to the calf muscle. The area will become tender to touch during and after the cramp. In the time of the cramp the host probably won’t be able to move the leg at all.

What are the Causes of Leg Cramps

There is a whole array of reasons for getting a leg cramp not just magnesium. You could have overexerted your leg muscle and it has become severely tired due to scrupulous exercises. Another reason is dehydration or even surplus weight loss. If you have an electrolyte imbalance, hormonal imbalance or fluid imbalance then you may suffer with cramps in the leg area. Certain diseases of the nerves and/or muscles can cause leg cramps as well as a reduced blood supply.

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