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Keep the better concentration, alertness or mental focus is the objective that many people try to achieve, especially these days with busy and stressful way of life. Inability to maintain focus is called ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder, and the symptoms of it are impulsiveness, mood swings, or behavioral changes in both children and adults. Also Alzheimer disease is one of the disorders that, as consequence have loss of focus, memory lapses, and other problems.

There are several types of treatments for problems of maintain focus and mental edge, but since classical medical approach is not efficient enough, we will focus on some of the alternative therapies like home, herbal, homeopathic, etc.

Various treatments for maintaining focus

Herbal treatments are very traditional, and are known in Far East for many centuries. One of herbal treatments for increasing concentration and maintaining focus is guarana, coffee, yerba mate or kola nut, but you must be carefully bout quantities you use, in case that you develop reliance to those stimulants.

Other herbs that you can use in order to help you maintain your mental focus are Gotu cola, Centella asaitica, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, dandelion and others. Leaves, extracts or teas of those herbs improve memory and neurological functions of the brain. Dandelion leaves also contain vitamins C and A, while others contain phytochemicals or adaptogens, which helps reduce free radicals in the body.

Rosemary is one of very effective homeopathic remedy for cases of poor memory. It has also a century long tradition of usage in weak memory cases, and it has strong healing properties in cases of Alzheimer’s. You can use it on a form of tea, shampoo or put in a bathwater.

Aromatherapy is also one of the alternative treatments for poor memory and other similar mental problems. Aromatherapy essential oils of rosemary, basil or peppermint energized your mind and body and help you with difficulty to concentrate, loss of memory, fatigue, focus and intellectual clarity.

Brahmi is very effective remedy for ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or memory loss. Various medical studies shows that Brahmi is very efficient in improving intellectual functions in the brain by balancing two chemicals in it; glutamate and GABA or gamma – aminobutyric acid.

Both part of homeopathic remedies as well as aromatherapy, black pepper is very efficient in cases of heavy headache, apprehensive or sad mental state and concentration difficulties. Club Moss is effective remedy for memory improvement, enhancing of mental alertness or Alzheimer’s disease.

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