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Ganglion cyst is a lump that appears on hands and wrists. The lump is filled with fluid and it does not contain any cancerous cells. In rare cases, the lumps can be found on feet. Ganglion cysts are not considered to be a serious medical condition and in many cases they can heal on their own. However, they can sightly cause pain. The symptoms include round lumps an inch large, which can vary in size depending on the movement of your wrists, pain and numbness in the hand.

Ganglion cyst affects women more than men. The risk is increased if you repeatedly perform strenuous hand or wrist movements, if you have osteoarthritis or if you injured the ligament or muscle of your hand or foot.

If you have more serious case of ganglion cyst which has not disappeared on its own and your doctor will suggest treatment. If your everyday life require constant movements of the hands, your doctor may give you a brace to help your hand stay relaxed. Wearing this brace can reduce the size and pain of ganglion cyst. Another method for treating ganglion cysts is aspiration. Aspiration includes drainage of the fluid with a needle. In this case you may be given a local anesthesia. However, in a number of cases ganglion cyst reoccurs. In addition to aspiration, you may be given a steroid injection which decreases the chances of recurrence of the cyst.

If your cyst is not responding to any treatment, your doctor will advise surgery. The surgery is recommended in case ganglion cyst causes pain or obstructs movements of your hand. Your doctor will give you a local anesthesia. The cut on the cyst depends on its size. The doctor may remove some of the surrounding tissue with the cyst. After the procedure, you will have stitches and bandage. You may also be given some medications to prevent an inflammation or some painkillers. It is recommended to hold your hand up as much as possible for two days to reduce the risk of swelling. It may need up to six weeks for full recovery from the surgery. Your doctor will give you instructions for home treatment. You will have to replace the bandage from time to time and to use some antibiotic cream to prevent infection. Although in rare cases even after the surgery ganglion cyst may recur. Complications of the surgery may include wrist nerve or ligaments damage which can lead to numbness of the hand.

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