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Many people tend to be terrified of flying to the point thatit’s considered ridiculous and completely unreasonable. People dislike flyingfor many different reasons. For example, people who like to have everythingunder control will find it absolutely gut-wrenching to have to be up in theair, and completely powerless at that.

Others simply have irrational fears,whether it is of height, plane crashes or even terrorist attacks. Whatever thereason is, no one should let their fears run their life, but find a way toovercome it. A popular method of overcoming the fear of flying is hypnosis.

The first step of hypnosis

The basis of the hypnosis is for one to let himself orherself experience and really soak up the feelings of safety and comfort. Thisis done by choosing an isolated environment in which the person can becompletely relaxed and confident that they are, indeed, safe and sound. Afterthat, the person should just lie down and behave with their thoughts andfeelings the way an outsider just observes everything around him silently.Finally, once the harmony and serenity are established, it’s important to pressthe left thumb and the index finger against each other and remember that as theway to return to the safe place.

The second step of hypnosis

The next step is thinking of the happiest memory that ispossible to remember. The key is to actually choose a memory in which theperson felt good about himself or herself. When the memory’s restored insidethe mind, the right thumb should be pressed against the according index finger,representing the way to return to the happy and confident place.

The third step of hypnosis

The third step involves vividly recollecting a flyingepisode and at the point where fear starts to kick in the right thumb should bepressed against the index finger so that the confident feelings couldovershadow the fear. This little exercise should be repeated over and overuntil the feelings of fear have lost all significance in the situation. Whenthat finally happens, it’s time to press the left thumb against the indexfinger and return to reality.

This is what a hypnosis exercise looks like and these shouldbe practiced repeatedly until the fear of flying is completely extinct. Theabove-mentioned method of hypnosis is an economical alternative. There isalways the option of visiting a professional, which can be quite costly.

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