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What is croup and how is it treated?

Croup is actually an inflammation of the larynx and trachea, which is usually caused by the some kind of viral infection. It is recognized mostly by the so-called barking cough, and it is particularly common among small children. Even though in most of the cases croup is not serious, the sound of this cough is very terrifying, and because of the swelling of the larynx and trachea, it frequently returns, thus causing troubles with breathing, especially in children younger than 4, since their airways are small.

When it comes to the treatment of croup, in the greatest majority of the cases, it can be treated at home successfully. It is necessary to take in a lot of fluid, while breathing moist air may also be helpful. In cases that are more serious, medications that work by opening the airways are prescribed, while antibiotics are used if the cause of croup is bacterial infection. Sometimes, it is necessary that a child spends some time in the hospital, in order to get humidified oxygen

Homeopathicremedies for croup

Besides home remedies and corticosteroids that are sometimes prescribed by the doctor, homeopathy may play a very significant role in the recovery. Certain homeopathic remedies may relieve the symptoms of croup and even speed up the process of fighting off this condition. Some of the most frequently used are:

Aconite, a remedy which is used in the early stage of the croup, when the child has hot skin, when the cough is dry and loud, and when the child has problems with breathing, especially at night. When it comes to this remedy, its use should not be stopped suddenly, because the symptoms will reappear very soon.Hepar sulphur is suggested when breathing is whistling, when the child is sensitive to cold air, and when choking fits follow the cough. It is also very helpful in painful throat, and it can also be combined with certain other homeopathic remedies.Bromine is used when the consequence of the cough is deep and hoarse voice, when breathing is whistling, and when the larynx seems to be full of mucus during coughing.Kali bichromicum is helpful in membranous croup, when cough is metallic, tonsils red and swollen, and choking tends to wake up the child. It is also suggested in cases when the croup tends to develop into bronchitis, but in such cases Kaolin is also a good choice.

Whichever remedy you choose, it is important to stick to the doses that are usually suggested on labels, or to consult the professional homeopath.

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