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In this article we will inform you about the problem of leucoderma and if this problem is hereditary or not. Leucoderma is a problem that most people associate with white patches, because if you are suffering from leucoderma, you would have white spots or patches on your skin. This skin disorder is also called vitiligo. Melanin is a skin pigment that functions as a skin protector from the radiation like sun, and it causes the mentioned problem, or more precisely, the deficiency of melanin causes it. This creates white patches on the legs, hands, face and they are margined with hyper or dark pigmented skin. This problem seems to be affecting females more than males, although it is a fact that it can attack almost anybody. It also seems to be targeting people below 40 years of age more. We will see if this non-harmful non-bacteria caused condition is hereditary or not.

Causes and Symptoms

Several illnesses, burn injuries, jaundice, chronic gastric disorders, sunburn, skin trauma, and mental stress are some of the possible causes, but there is no exact cause of this problem. We have labeled white patches as the primary symptom of leucoderma, and they are usually first created on the neck, wrists and hands, and then they spread on. Skin irritation, hair graying, white turning hair (on the affected location), weakness and cold sensitivity are some of the problems that this condition causes.

Hereditary or Not?

When we say hereditary, we mean passed from one generation to the next. That means that children who have one or both parents who are suffering from this problem will have higher chances of having this problem in the future. This hereditary facer is very important for this problem and it is a bit more harmful from the one not crated due to this factor. This is due to the fact that leucoderma cannot be cured completely if hereditary factor is present. But some remedies, such as turmeric powder, goosefoot and red clay in ginger water, can bring relief from this problem. They can return normal pigmentation to the skin. We advise you to talk with your doctor before you try some of the remedies that can help with this problem. This is due to the fact that several other conditions can cause white patches on the skin and you will require a proper diagnosis. You do not want to treat a problem you do not have while the problem you are having remains untreated. Although this problem cannot be avoided if hereditary factor is included, some activities that trigger leucoderma can be avoided and this will reduce the chances of having the problem. Try to avoid bottles foods, tinned foods, pearled barley, denatured cereals, white flour, sugar, highly flavored dishes, condiments, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea. Your diet should include fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.

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